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  • Published on May 18, 2017
    RV Cleaning 101: Getting Ready for Summer

    RV Cleaning 101: Getting ready for Summer

    School is coming to an end and summer travels will begin.  So if you are pulling your RV out of storage for the first time, chances are it’s going to need a good cleaning before you take it out for the first time.  Plus, keeping your RV clean while on the road is just as important to ensuring things stay running properly.  Here are our tips for Getting your RV ready for summer.

    Cleaning the Outside

                    Mold and mildew can build up on the outside of your RV when its stored over the winter, especially if there’s any moisture in the air. To clean the outside of your RV fast and effectively, you can make your own cleaning solution with an empty spray canister, bleach, dawn dish soap and water.  The mixture works to break down any dirt and grime and make your RV look like new again.

                    To clean your windows, use your good old fashioned Windex and lint free cloth. 

    Cleaning the Interior

                    Keeping your furnishings clean helps to prolong their life as well as keep them looking nice.  Using products such as Armorall Leather Care for your leather seating cleans and protects against harmful UV rays and wear and tear. Other Armor All products work great for dashboards, glass and tires.  If you have a cloth interior you just need to vacuum, then steam clean once a year to get the all the dirt and stains that can accumulate from frequent use. 

                    Your vacuum and dusting product are your best friends in an RV.  Small shop vacs or handheld vacs work wonders to keep your RV free of dirt and sand that can be tracked in from the outdoors.  They are also smaller than your average vacuum cleaner so they are easier to tote around and store away in your RV. 

                    Swiffer dusters are perfect for cleaning blinds, curtains, appliances/electronics, and any other surfaces that can collect dust. 

    Cleaning your Important Parts

                    Of all the working parts on your RV your water tanks are the hardest to clean and keep clean.  Obviously your black water tank will be the worse, but not keeping it clean can lead to bacteria to build up and noxious gases to leak into your RV’s exhaust system, making for an unpleasant ride.  Black water tanks need to be flushed once a week, and deep cleaned once a month.

                    To thoroughly clean your water tanks you’ll need to dump, and then use a pressure wash system to clean the grime that can build up on the walls.  You can either use your system’s own tool or you can purchase one to break up the grime on the inside.  The pressure wash will break up all the caked on material so you can dump and get rid of all of it.  If your RV doesn’t have its own pressure wash tool, try this one.

                    Once your RV water tank is clean you’ll want to add an enzyme treatment to the tank to finish the job.  This will clear out any residue that the pressure wash couldn’t get.  All you have to do is add a packet of enzyme treatment (we like BIOPAK Natural holding tank cleaner) and a gallon of fresh water to your water tank before you set out on your trip. Then, as you drive, that treatment will slosh around and break up any other caked on materials that may be left after the pressure wash.  Simply dump when you get to your destination, and your tank will be good as new.

    What other cleaning tips do you have that you have found effective? Share with us!


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